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Specialized Technique Leak Repair
Leak repair also specializes in Concrete injection work. We use all Polyurethane Materials.
This is a Typical Concrete Injection Example

Cracks in concrete basement walls are very common. Water leakage into your basement from cracks are damaging, environmentally wasteful and can be costly to your water bill.  Often there is no structural damage and the crack can be repaired effectively and economically.

Successful crack repair involves an understanding of the causes of concrete cracking, whether the cracks are active or static, and in depth knowledge of repair options and outcomes.  

At Leak repair we use the best materials available with the most up to date techniques.

Areas of repair specialty

  • Polyurethane pressure injection
  • Curtain wall injection
  • Structural epoxy resin injection
  • Water stop installation

Repair Techniques Used

  • Polyester Cloth Bandage
  • Rawmat Tanking Membrane
  • Acrylmeric Sportscote
  • Crystaliastion Crack Repair
  • Crystalisation Tanking To Block work/ Brick walls
  • Crystalisation  Water stop

Concrete Crack Leak Repair

Concrete Crack Leak Repair 1Concrete Crack Leak Repair 2Concrete Crack Leak Repair 3


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