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Concrete Swimming Pool Leak Repairs MelbourneWhen concrete pools begin to age, the plaster will require some occasional repair. Cracking, hollow spots, sometimes called “pop-ups”, and chipping are not uncommon.

Even the smallest of cracks can produce water leakage. To prevent more damage and excess water loss Leak Repair can detect the leak and fix the problem in any size swimming pool.

By using a resin-based waterproofing product, Leak repair will inject into the crack with a polyurethane material which are elastomeric, they stretch and expand. To achieve this we drill into concrete at an angle and intersect the crack at a certain depth. We then put a valve into that hole and inject the resin so it goes into the crack and spreads out.

¬†This is very effective for sealing a crack. If structural repairs are needed, we may choose to use an epoxy resin as it’s a much stiffer repair resin.¬† Leak repair will assess the problem and discuss which method is appropriate for your individual need.


Swimming Pool Crack Repair

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 Concrete Swimming Pool Repairs
 Concrete Swimming Pool Repairs
 Concrete Swimming Pool Repairs
 Concrete Swimming Pool Repairs
 Concrete Swimming Pool Repairs



Concrete Swimming Pool Repair

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