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Concrete Water Tank Repairs Melbourne

Specialized Technique
Leak repair also specializes in Concrete injection work. We use all Polyurethane Materials.
This is a Typical Concrete Injection Example

We all know how precious water is so here at Leak Repair we pride ourselves in trying to fix your leaks WITHOUT draining your tank.

Injection epoxy resins and polyurethane foam systems are the two most widely used materials in treating a concrete crack repair.  

Key benefits of using polyurethane

  • High compressive strength
  • High bond strength
  • Rapid reaction for fast water cut off
  • Solvent free, environmentally safe.
  • Resistant to various solvents, caustics, mild acids and many industrial liquids
  • Low permeability, excellent sustainability
  • Applied to both vertical and overhead surfaces

Water Tank Leak Repairs Melbourne

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