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Water Proofing

Water proofing techniquesCracks in buildings, swimming pools and tanks are becoming an increasing concern. Whether in a basement or garage, balcony or wall structure, cracks are a fact of concrete; however, most concrete cracks pose no structural concern, and can be repaired, easily, quickly, and affordably.

Here at Leak repair we use the best materials available with the most up to date techniques.

Areas of water proofing specialty

  • Polyurethane pressure injection
  • Curtain wall injection
  • Structural epoxy resin injection
  • Water stop installation

Water proofing techniques used

  • Polyester Cloth Bandage
  • water proofing specialtyRawmat Tanking Membrane
  • Acrylmeric Sportscote
  • Crystalisation Crack Repair
  • Crystalisation Tanking To Block work/ Brick walls
  • Crystalisation Waterstop






Water Proofing Melbourne


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